The Art of Blackguards

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The Art of Blackguards

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Aventuria is the world of the 'Dark Eye', Germany's most popular Pen & Paper RPG. It's a world, not only existing in hundreds of rule and sourcebooks, but also within the minds of thousands of gamers. To breathe 3D animated life into a world that everyone has a different mental image of is a particularly challenging task. There's a lot of concept art within the sourcebooks, but these pieces rather provide outlines of Aventuria, instead of fleshing out the world. So it was on our artists to fill this world with all the details. Details, our 3D artists could utilize to bring life to the ancient lizardfolk ruins, strange plants and dangerous creatures. The sourcebooks' art is created by many different artists, each with their own style. For Blackguards, we had to translate all these styles into one look. Our concept phase was all about finding a middle ground between staying true to the original, yet also taking a certain degree of artistic license without disconnecting the players from the Aventuria they love.


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